Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The (un) forgettable night..part 2

....Up there they had about 50 cigarettes, two quarters of vodka and two quarters of whiskey. If this man was some guy from the society Atul n Binni were dead for sure.

Every one was as scared as a cat when she sees a dog, but where to run and what to do? Just when this thoughts were in their drunk-head someone's leg accidentally touched an empty bottle of vodka and it fell down making a loud noise. Atul's heart skipped a beat and he could feel everyone else was as beat less as dead. Eric, (had the guts or maybe simply acted out of his "high"ness) held his head up to see who it was and he whispered to everyone that it was Atul's dad. Atul could see the end coming near and somehow couldnt help but think that he would drag Binny with him. Atul's dad is an aged man and at 2am he would have not wanted to climb up to the terrace as he was already half asleep. All the guys lay low as if it was a military camp and they had to camouflage themselves.

After sometime, all of them could feel that there were no more flashes of lights and that Atul's dad had left the terrace. During this time, Atul has used all his imagination as to what he would've done had his dad come up the water storage tank. Maybe he would have jumped from the other side or maybe hung on on the other side.  But to everyone's surprise Atul's dad didn't come up. jasjeet went down to see if there was anyone there and whether the door was locked or not. It was the way they had left it locked from inside. No one could help but think as to why Atul's dad didnt come up. Someone said he did come up with after turning off the torch saw them all and went back. Someone said he is an old guy so he couldn't have climbed the steep ladder which had no support. All in all everyone was safe especially Atul. But all their cell phones and wallets were in the box and had Atul's dad found them. All their body parts would have been out for sale the very next day.

This incident was so damn scary that almost everyone was back to normal. They didnt know whether to curse the rain or thank it. All made another peg and raised a toast to the rain and thanked God for helping them out of this situation. Maybe they should have bailed out and went home after this incidence, but, who can say no to drinks especially hard drinks. Guess, they didnt know that this was just the begining and as SRK said in OSO "Picture abhi baaki he mere dost".

Sometime later, everyone was high again. There was around 90ml of whiskey left which was to be shared equally between Atul, Danny and Eric. Danny was a social drinker so he said it was enough for him for the night. Eric must have been high being on the highest place of the society, he decided to go for a flame shot. He took the whiskey's cap and started pouring whiskey in it. Being high with no lights around, all Eric managed to do was spill twice of what he wanted to pour in the cap. In a country where Sachin is considered God and Rajnikant has a temple for him, Atul worshipped alcohol and couldnt see it being wasted by a "high"ly wasted Eric. He took the bottle from Eric. Eric lit the whiskey in the cap with a lighter, said Cheers and let it burn down his throat. Seeing what had happened Atul who cared more for alcohol then Eric, could not let Eric spill more whiskey. He thought of the song "Whiskey in the jar by metallica/thin lizzy" and gulped down all the remainder of whiskey neat, without any ice or softdrinks or water. His wasted head could only think of letting the whiskey in the jar ie his stomach. His head started spinning, he didnt know where he was and what was he doing.

Everyone was done with drinks and smoke and decided to go home. Getting down the steep ladder, walking all the way down to the bottom, pushing their bikes out and doing all this without making a sound was a "Who Dares Wins" challenge for these High heads. But somehow they pulled it off. Before starting with drinks while having food, Atul had a dilemma as to where would he go to sleep after the drinks. He had Binni's place in the same building or Danny's place about 4 kms from his house. He had decided to go at Binni's as he thought it was safe and he wouldn't have to pass his own house. But something made him change his mind, maybe it was the rain. He decided to go at Danny's for a sleep over. Atul and Jasjeet quickly pushed their bikes out, turned it on and zoomed out ASAP. They were waiting at a place with a lot of benches for the others. Atul was very high and all he wanted to do was sleep as going wild and crazy was taken by that night. He tried to sleep on those benches but got a phone call. His heart was pumped and he was scared he thought his mom might have seen him. He took out his cell phone only to see it was Danny. He answered it and Danny said that Binni has already left for his place and that they were gonna come on Binni's bike which had a problem and couldn't start.

Just when you think the night couldn't get any worse, it eats you out. Atul was already high but somehow managed to think that it would not be safe for him to go back, maybe he could think cos of the rain who knows? Jasjeet went back leaving Atul all alone on the bench to sleep. After sometime all three came back and were gonna go at Danny's. Now Jasjeet stayed near by so he decided to go back to his place. Atul out of his Highness dropped him home on his bike. Yes, Atul is a safe driver when drunk :p . When Atul came back Danny told him to sit behind on his bike and let him ride it and Eric would ride the other one. Atul agreed as there was a chance of "Naka-bandi" on the way to Danny's place. Little did he realise that all the three were drunk enough to get them into trouble more then what they had actually seen.