Friday, April 29, 2011

This thing called Love

What can i say the name is self explanatory

There i was trying my best at fishing
Along came a girl, i never thought i would be missing
I told myself not again, its time to run
It's regret that keeps reeling in, i wish i had a gun
I went in, knowing of all the consequences and risks
But i couldn't see anything beyond the beauty of her mist

My fishing count was going to eight from seven
But the time we spent together was way better then heaven
The glow of her face lit up the smile on mine
I should have thought i would end up with many glasses of wine
Just when i considered retirement from fishing again
I now wish for the rain so my eyes let go off tihs pain

Second straight time the loss is heavy
Guilt and regret followed, with emptiness as its special gravy
I want to take U turn on a very steep curve
I should have kept myself away from this thing called LOVE