Sunday, November 20, 2016

Modi's Demonitization

What Modi is doing for India can easily be compared to being promoted based on merit and not on experience/number of years in the company.

All the people opposing the change can be compared to people who wanted that position.
1. There is always someone who has worked for years and feels he/she deserves that position better then you although their performance says otherwise.
2. The employees who worked at the same position as you before the promotion dont want to grow and they are not happy that you have grown either.
3. There is always someone telling your bosses of the mistakes that you made when you were budding the company.
4. There is always someone who will not want to follow your lead and will be on a different tangent.
5. There is always someone creating friction with this change in the forward direction.

Feel free to add to this list.

PS - I dont support Modi and I am neither an AAPtard. I, however, support the growth of India.

I am not in India. I can only imagine what everyone is going through. I have had issues exchanging my currency here too but it wasn't impossible. I can only ask you all to be patient and to keep this in mind, "Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, usse perfect banana padta he."

Monday, December 1, 2014

Talking Tubs

If Safeguard Tubs could talk

Over the years, a lot of benefits to Safeguard tubs have been displayed. Basically, offering relaxation by using Hydrotherapy & Dual Chromatherapy, Safeguard Tub knows that your safety is a top priority and hence, offers a wide range of tubs which have anti-slip floor, safeguard Power Jets etc. All that being said, if the tubs could talk to each other what would they actually say?

Here is what would happen-
There would be two gangs, Elite Gang and the Usual Suspects. The Elite Gang would consist of the features of the tub such as Triple Hydrotherapy, Dual Chromatherapy, Super Power Jets with safety grab bars and handheld shower being their girls, whereas, wheelchair, step-in tub and accessible showers would be in the other group. They would all be at the Safeguard warehouse, talking & arguing with each other to be the best feature of the tub. Hence, the argument would go on to be the highlight of the tub. The wheelchair would say that it helps people who have had their knee or hip replaced to enjoy being in a bath tub which under normal circumstances would not be possible. The safety grab bars would interrupt the wheelchair and say that if it wasn't for her the person coming in from the wheelchair would not have had anything to hold on while being lifted. The Triple Hydrotherapy would emphasize on the fact that it has triple in its name, is the most important feature and requires the basic component of them all, water. He would continue to relate itself to Godzilla and say that size does matter in reference to him being triple.

They would keep on arguing and competing with each other to be the best and even think of going out on bike rides separately. The Elite Gang would argue to be the best as they have got all the girls with them. The Usual Suspects would say that the a MAN waits for the right girl and then marries her. If they were to go out for a party then the Usual Suspects would say that they would be the one clicking awesome and classic photos and on the other side of the camera, the Elite Gang would be the one's in the photo.

The features would still go on and on like NASCAR about them being "THE BEST". At the end, when the tub is sent out, they would realize that the tub is like a human body and all the features are necessary for the tub to function smoothly and efficiently as the heart, the brain, the kidney etc. is essential to a human being. They would unanimously agree that they are all ingredients for a perfect recipe which is both tasty and healthy. The features would end the Safeguard World War III and would find peace and would like to relax in a Safeguard tub for their Golden years.

Note: This is for a student assignment. More info on -

Friday, December 9, 2011

To the end and back

A post made on a Sunday morning after a long time

Again and again this thing comes back
Its like quick sand and i am tied to a bag of sack
Everytime i think of starting a fresh
I get redirected to the same page and just refresh
There is an infinite loop and i am in the middle of it
No matter what i try or do, i couldnt really call it quits
The mind is beautiful and the heart's on a breakable reave
but my mind is so F*cked up, heart is on a sabbatical leave
You learn from your mistakes, but how many no one said
its affecting my work, health and i dint even get a bondmaid

Its like the words that the Greatest Marshall makes
My body aches when I ain't
With you I have zero strength
There's no limit on how far I would go
No boundaries, no lengths
Why do we say that until we get that person that we thinks
Gonna be that one and then once we get 'em it's never the same?
You want them when they don't want you
Soon as they do feelings change
It's not a contest and I ain't on no conquest for no mate
I wasn't looking but I stumbled onto you must've been fate
But so much is at stake what the f*ck does it take
Let's cut to the chase
But a door shuts in your face
Promise me if I cave in and break and leave myself open
That I won't be making a mistake

Its like the worst connection between the mind and the heart
so much important and yet so filled with darts
The heart appreciates what the mind depreciates
At the end of it all there is nothing else left but hate
When you know you are there it is very frustrating
I thought i would never feel so much cluttering

I have finished the race, i am at the end
The long run is over and yet i am back

Friday, April 29, 2011

This thing called Love

What can i say the name is self explanatory

There i was trying my best at fishing
Along came a girl, i never thought i would be missing
I told myself not again, its time to run
It's regret that keeps reeling in, i wish i had a gun
I went in, knowing of all the consequences and risks
But i couldn't see anything beyond the beauty of her mist

My fishing count was going to eight from seven
But the time we spent together was way better then heaven
The glow of her face lit up the smile on mine
I should have thought i would end up with many glasses of wine
Just when i considered retirement from fishing again
I now wish for the rain so my eyes let go off tihs pain

Second straight time the loss is heavy
Guilt and regret followed, with emptiness as its special gravy
I want to take U turn on a very steep curve
I should have kept myself away from this thing called LOVE

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The (un) forgettable night..part 2

....Up there they had about 50 cigarettes, two quarters of vodka and two quarters of whiskey. If this man was some guy from the society Atul n Binni were dead for sure.

Every one was as scared as a cat when she sees a dog, but where to run and what to do? Just when this thoughts were in their drunk-head someone's leg accidentally touched an empty bottle of vodka and it fell down making a loud noise. Atul's heart skipped a beat and he could feel everyone else was as beat less as dead. Eric, (had the guts or maybe simply acted out of his "high"ness) held his head up to see who it was and he whispered to everyone that it was Atul's dad. Atul could see the end coming near and somehow couldnt help but think that he would drag Binny with him. Atul's dad is an aged man and at 2am he would have not wanted to climb up to the terrace as he was already half asleep. All the guys lay low as if it was a military camp and they had to camouflage themselves.

After sometime, all of them could feel that there were no more flashes of lights and that Atul's dad had left the terrace. During this time, Atul has used all his imagination as to what he would've done had his dad come up the water storage tank. Maybe he would have jumped from the other side or maybe hung on on the other side.  But to everyone's surprise Atul's dad didn't come up. jasjeet went down to see if there was anyone there and whether the door was locked or not. It was the way they had left it locked from inside. No one could help but think as to why Atul's dad didnt come up. Someone said he did come up with after turning off the torch saw them all and went back. Someone said he is an old guy so he couldn't have climbed the steep ladder which had no support. All in all everyone was safe especially Atul. But all their cell phones and wallets were in the box and had Atul's dad found them. All their body parts would have been out for sale the very next day.

This incident was so damn scary that almost everyone was back to normal. They didnt know whether to curse the rain or thank it. All made another peg and raised a toast to the rain and thanked God for helping them out of this situation. Maybe they should have bailed out and went home after this incidence, but, who can say no to drinks especially hard drinks. Guess, they didnt know that this was just the begining and as SRK said in OSO "Picture abhi baaki he mere dost".

Sometime later, everyone was high again. There was around 90ml of whiskey left which was to be shared equally between Atul, Danny and Eric. Danny was a social drinker so he said it was enough for him for the night. Eric must have been high being on the highest place of the society, he decided to go for a flame shot. He took the whiskey's cap and started pouring whiskey in it. Being high with no lights around, all Eric managed to do was spill twice of what he wanted to pour in the cap. In a country where Sachin is considered God and Rajnikant has a temple for him, Atul worshipped alcohol and couldnt see it being wasted by a "high"ly wasted Eric. He took the bottle from Eric. Eric lit the whiskey in the cap with a lighter, said Cheers and let it burn down his throat. Seeing what had happened Atul who cared more for alcohol then Eric, could not let Eric spill more whiskey. He thought of the song "Whiskey in the jar by metallica/thin lizzy" and gulped down all the remainder of whiskey neat, without any ice or softdrinks or water. His wasted head could only think of letting the whiskey in the jar ie his stomach. His head started spinning, he didnt know where he was and what was he doing.

Everyone was done with drinks and smoke and decided to go home. Getting down the steep ladder, walking all the way down to the bottom, pushing their bikes out and doing all this without making a sound was a "Who Dares Wins" challenge for these High heads. But somehow they pulled it off. Before starting with drinks while having food, Atul had a dilemma as to where would he go to sleep after the drinks. He had Binni's place in the same building or Danny's place about 4 kms from his house. He had decided to go at Binni's as he thought it was safe and he wouldn't have to pass his own house. But something made him change his mind, maybe it was the rain. He decided to go at Danny's for a sleep over. Atul and Jasjeet quickly pushed their bikes out, turned it on and zoomed out ASAP. They were waiting at a place with a lot of benches for the others. Atul was very high and all he wanted to do was sleep as going wild and crazy was taken by that night. He tried to sleep on those benches but got a phone call. His heart was pumped and he was scared he thought his mom might have seen him. He took out his cell phone only to see it was Danny. He answered it and Danny said that Binni has already left for his place and that they were gonna come on Binni's bike which had a problem and couldn't start.

Just when you think the night couldn't get any worse, it eats you out. Atul was already high but somehow managed to think that it would not be safe for him to go back, maybe he could think cos of the rain who knows? Jasjeet went back leaving Atul all alone on the bench to sleep. After sometime all three came back and were gonna go at Danny's. Now Jasjeet stayed near by so he decided to go back to his place. Atul out of his Highness dropped him home on his bike. Yes, Atul is a safe driver when drunk :p . When Atul came back Danny told him to sit behind on his bike and let him ride it and Eric would ride the other one. Atul agreed as there was a chance of "Naka-bandi" on the way to Danny's place. Little did he realise that all the three were drunk enough to get them into trouble more then what they had actually seen. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

They say we can inspire..but we are Indians..

This happened a long time ago, so you might find it old. I thought it is worth a post. Do leave comments after you read this.

Some years ago, i was in a theater watching some movie. It is a trend in Indian Cinema Halls to promote upcoming films during the interval. We all didn't get up to get drinks or finger food during the interval as it was month end and we were low on cash. That's when we saw a promo of a movie in which our very own "King Khan" SRK aka Shahrukh Khan was pushing a scooter, had a french beard and was introduced as Kabir Khan. No points for guessing it was Chak de India (CDI).

We saw the entire trailer, which had intros of all the hockey players in a song and towards the end of the song SRK raised his hands in his classic style only this time he has a hockey stick in hand with the women hockey player around him.We discussed that how we were able to tell whether a movie is a hit or a flop just by seeing its trailer. We were convinced that even in our wildest dreams this movie would never be a hit, of-course, for an exception who was and still is an SRK fan

Few months later, CDI was released. A week later I saw it both in the news and in (Times of India) TOI that Indian Men's hockey team has overpowered the opposition by 7-10 goals. I was like WT Fhockey. How did this happen? For a moment I thought it must have been against some weak opposition or that they had found some sort of DHOOP (the funny blue alien from Koi Mil..gaya who had a bulb on his head. I still wonder, what colour is his pee and his S**T). But then I read in TOI that it was against a very good opposition i don't remember who exactly. Then on the news i saw (its a rear sight me reading the TOI and watching the news but miracles do happen) i.e. on India TV it was the CDI impact. "Damn", i said. These India TV guys will make news out of anything. The last breaking news I saw was "Billi bani chaat (roof) ki rani" meaning, a cat became the queen of the roof. I changed the channel and my reaction was Meow you.

Some days later, I overheard a group of people talking about CDI in the place where anything and everything that happens around the world is discussed, dissected and advised upon - Mumbai Local Trains. All they did was to praise the film and how it simply made their weekend awesome and how it had really had a positive impact on Indian Hockey. When I entered my second home not my college but a gaming zone outside my college, I was shocked to hear people discussing about CDI. I thought has Yash Raj paid everyone to talk about CDI around me.

The very next day I got a call from a college friend to come near a theater and that we all were bunking college. Yes, in India we have all sets of friends, college friends, school friends, gym friends etc. When I reached the theater, they had already taken tickets for me and of all the movies and as filmy as it sounds the tickets were for CDI. Even if I were to die that day and had million dollars to spend I wouldn't have watched that movie. You can imagine my frustration because the last YRF film that tortured me was " Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai". I kid you not, you will literally shoot you own eyes and go blind.

On insistence of my friends I went for the movie (my friends are my world to me so, anything for them). Finally, the movie began I told myself the only time, thus, so far I had enjoyed was The National Anthem and I thought that it was the only enjoyable time I would be having. The movie went on and I could have used a sleep, but as strange as it may sound i was as attracted to the movie as Superman is to Lois Lane. YRF had done it this time and I had for the first time appreciated SRK's acting because this was the first time he had actually acted. I watched the entire film and cursed the interval as I wanted to see the movie. We came out and all were very happy and motivated. Motivated to take up a professional sport mostly hockey. No wonder Dhanraj Pillai & Co. managed to pull of such an upset.

In the movie, some of the most memorable and motivating dialogues were "har team mein ek gunda hota he aur iss team ka gunda mein hoo" meaning - every team has a villain and I am the only villain in this team and "Pehli baar ek firang ko Bharat ka Jhanda lehrate hue dekh raha hoo" which means, this is the first time I have seen a foreigner hoisting and Indian flag. These two words still send chills down my spine as they are cold and are as well true. The second line especially makes you feel proud of your country.

Well, if a three hour movie could have this impact on Hockey and us, I cant tell you what real life stories similar to this would. All Pillai and Co. needed was an inspiration, a motivator and CDI was it. They made the country proud for some months and were very happy to see the movie. But I guess as typical as an Indian the enthusiasm died and they were back to where they were. I couldn't understand why CDI was more inspiring for them then playing for your mother land INDIA in the first place. I mean if i were to do anything for my country and couldn't do it with my 100% why do it at all. Similar is the story with all Indians today, some days back i corrected a friend for a grammatical error and his reply was "Its OK. I am Indian". His reply had made me very angry, you could have made omelet on my back. All I wanted to do was beat the hell out of him.

This is one of the many situation i have come across in my life till date. If you really want to improve and inspire the remainder, well the only inspiration should be doing it for your country and making it proud. All i want is for the tendency of letting go things only by saying "WE ARE INDIAN SO IT'S OK IF WE DON'T DO TI" to fade off completely.

Chak de India..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The (un) forgettable night

One night three friends Atul, Binni, jasjeet decided to drink of course alcohol. Atul wanted Whiskey but binni n jasjeet wanted vodka. So they got their separate drinks and enjoyed that night. The next night, they decided to call two other friends Danny n Eric. Now, Atul, Danny n Eric wanted whiskey n Binni n jasjeet wanted vodka. So they bought their separate drinks and went up to Atul's terrace.

It was the same terrace where Atul, Binni and jasjeet drank together a night before n enjoyed. So they called the other two to have more fun. Atul told his parents that he was going to Danny place for a night stay along with other friends but they were actually planning on drinking on Atul's terrace.After they had had their food n taken all the drinks, smokes and chaknas they decided to go to the terrace. While going up to the terrace at around 11pm or so Atul's mom was on the window and saw Binny Danny n jasjeet while Atul had quickly ran through the society main gate and was waiting for the others in the entrance. Now, you must be wondering what Atul's mom was doing being at the window at 11pm. Well she heard their bikes coming in the society, though Atul had warned other to turn off their bikes and come in by pushing their bikes in the parking everyone except Atul didnt do so. This is probably why Atul's mom woke up but didnt see Atul and Danny cos they had pushed their bike into the society. While on the call, she saw Binni one of Atul's childhood friends put a glass bottle covered with black plastic bag. Now Binni had a bad reputation in the society. He was known for smoking, drinking, some thought he was a druggist too but no one had any evidence on so no one was sure. Of all the average moms in the world Atul's mom thought what every other mom would have thought taking into account binni's reputation. She thought Atul, binni n the others were going to have booz party at binni's place. As soon as she saw this, she called Atul and asked where he was to which he replied at Danny's place. She blindly believed him, poor Atul's mom.

Now everyone was on the terrace and were about to start drinking when the very unpredictable rain started. Everyone decided to keep their cell phones and wallet in a wooden box just near the entrance of the terrace and after which they sat above the water storage tank as it was concrete made. Before going up on the water tank, the gate to the terrace which had holes at the top big enough for anyone to put their hands through to lock the door from the inside. So as anyone would have done they locked the door from the inside of the entrance, so that no one would know they were up there. They didnt have the slighest of idea what the night had stored for them.

After some drinks at about 2am, everyone started to shake a bit,you know the alcoholine rush. Atul was sitting directly above the entrance door as the water tank was above the terrace entrance itself. He heard someone opening the terrace door but ignored it as he thought he was high. But then Eric saw a man with a torch and he was flashing it all around to check if someone was actually there. He told everyone ASAP that there's some guy there and that everyone should hide. But hide where, they were on top of a water tank. So they lied down flat on their back and were just praying that the man doesn't come up. Up there they had about 50 cigarettes, two quarters of vodka and two quarters of whiskey. If this man was some guy from the society Atul n Binni were dead for sure.

pls lemme kno how is it so far..will continue after some comments and feedback...