Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The (un) forgettable night

One night three friends Atul, Binni, jasjeet decided to drink of course alcohol. Atul wanted Whiskey but binni n jasjeet wanted vodka. So they got their separate drinks and enjoyed that night. The next night, they decided to call two other friends Danny n Eric. Now, Atul, Danny n Eric wanted whiskey n Binni n jasjeet wanted vodka. So they bought their separate drinks and went up to Atul's terrace.

It was the same terrace where Atul, Binni and jasjeet drank together a night before n enjoyed. So they called the other two to have more fun. Atul told his parents that he was going to Danny place for a night stay along with other friends but they were actually planning on drinking on Atul's terrace.After they had had their food n taken all the drinks, smokes and chaknas they decided to go to the terrace. While going up to the terrace at around 11pm or so Atul's mom was on the window and saw Binny Danny n jasjeet while Atul had quickly ran through the society main gate and was waiting for the others in the entrance. Now, you must be wondering what Atul's mom was doing being at the window at 11pm. Well she heard their bikes coming in the society, though Atul had warned other to turn off their bikes and come in by pushing their bikes in the parking everyone except Atul didnt do so. This is probably why Atul's mom woke up but didnt see Atul and Danny cos they had pushed their bike into the society. While on the call, she saw Binni one of Atul's childhood friends put a glass bottle covered with black plastic bag. Now Binni had a bad reputation in the society. He was known for smoking, drinking, some thought he was a druggist too but no one had any evidence on so no one was sure. Of all the average moms in the world Atul's mom thought what every other mom would have thought taking into account binni's reputation. She thought Atul, binni n the others were going to have booz party at binni's place. As soon as she saw this, she called Atul and asked where he was to which he replied at Danny's place. She blindly believed him, poor Atul's mom.

Now everyone was on the terrace and were about to start drinking when the very unpredictable rain started. Everyone decided to keep their cell phones and wallet in a wooden box just near the entrance of the terrace and after which they sat above the water storage tank as it was concrete made. Before going up on the water tank, the gate to the terrace which had holes at the top big enough for anyone to put their hands through to lock the door from the inside. So as anyone would have done they locked the door from the inside of the entrance, so that no one would know they were up there. They didnt have the slighest of idea what the night had stored for them.

After some drinks at about 2am, everyone started to shake a bit,you know the alcoholine rush. Atul was sitting directly above the entrance door as the water tank was above the terrace entrance itself. He heard someone opening the terrace door but ignored it as he thought he was high. But then Eric saw a man with a torch and he was flashing it all around to check if someone was actually there. He told everyone ASAP that there's some guy there and that everyone should hide. But hide where, they were on top of a water tank. So they lied down flat on their back and were just praying that the man doesn't come up. Up there they had about 50 cigarettes, two quarters of vodka and two quarters of whiskey. If this man was some guy from the society Atul n Binni were dead for sure.

pls lemme kno how is it so far..will continue after some comments and feedback...


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  2. ha ha! nice...

    P.S. - This story is work of fiction. Any similarity to any person dead or alive is purely coincidential

  3. its really nice viz but i think u should start the story with some spice, the background info should come later...though i loved the way u have put it...its very easy picturise this in your mind..loved it waiting for the rest of the part...:)

  4. @spunk..thanx i was gonna put that in the end

    @malibu...thanx will keep that in mind for the next story..for this one the intros are done..will write the remaining story soon :)


  5. u hve given a whole paragraph only to describe who was drinking what!!!.............from a readers point of view it seems like an alcohol promotion article.............

  6. @alok...actually the story is pretty big i have edited it for a blog post..the remaining part is even better then this..

  7. continue yaar...its was fun reading it..!