Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another attempt at poetry

A few years back...i could see my back (haha..sorry here comes the real one)

A few years back i fell for a girl
i felt like i was on top of this world
a few days later i felt we had the same feelings
we were two ppl in the same sea swimming
i couldnt tell you who loved whom the most
seeing us together would have melted the heart of a ghost

Years passed by and she decided to split
i knew for sure that neither one of us could take this hit
but then i went through cos i wanted her to be happy
i couldnt explain that feeling it really was crappy

Now i am single and they say i should be ready to mingle
i am not sure whether i do the love jingle
everyone keeps telling me to give someone a chance
(i would love to spend one night with Paris in France..lol..sorry ignore this pls)
every now and then i try for some1 once
then i realise i can love only her
A few years back i fell for a girl

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