Monday, December 1, 2014

Talking Tubs

If Safeguard Tubs could talk

Over the years, a lot of benefits to Safeguard tubs have been displayed. Basically, offering relaxation by using Hydrotherapy & Dual Chromatherapy, Safeguard Tub knows that your safety is a top priority and hence, offers a wide range of tubs which have anti-slip floor, safeguard Power Jets etc. All that being said, if the tubs could talk to each other what would they actually say?

Here is what would happen-
There would be two gangs, Elite Gang and the Usual Suspects. The Elite Gang would consist of the features of the tub such as Triple Hydrotherapy, Dual Chromatherapy, Super Power Jets with safety grab bars and handheld shower being their girls, whereas, wheelchair, step-in tub and accessible showers would be in the other group. They would all be at the Safeguard warehouse, talking & arguing with each other to be the best feature of the tub. Hence, the argument would go on to be the highlight of the tub. The wheelchair would say that it helps people who have had their knee or hip replaced to enjoy being in a bath tub which under normal circumstances would not be possible. The safety grab bars would interrupt the wheelchair and say that if it wasn't for her the person coming in from the wheelchair would not have had anything to hold on while being lifted. The Triple Hydrotherapy would emphasize on the fact that it has triple in its name, is the most important feature and requires the basic component of them all, water. He would continue to relate itself to Godzilla and say that size does matter in reference to him being triple.

They would keep on arguing and competing with each other to be the best and even think of going out on bike rides separately. The Elite Gang would argue to be the best as they have got all the girls with them. The Usual Suspects would say that the a MAN waits for the right girl and then marries her. If they were to go out for a party then the Usual Suspects would say that they would be the one clicking awesome and classic photos and on the other side of the camera, the Elite Gang would be the one's in the photo.

The features would still go on and on like NASCAR about them being "THE BEST". At the end, when the tub is sent out, they would realize that the tub is like a human body and all the features are necessary for the tub to function smoothly and efficiently as the heart, the brain, the kidney etc. is essential to a human being. They would unanimously agree that they are all ingredients for a perfect recipe which is both tasty and healthy. The features would end the Safeguard World War III and would find peace and would like to relax in a Safeguard tub for their Golden years.

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