Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The All-American Indian Poetry

Ok i have not written this to create any controversy of fight..its just a thought in a poetic way

Here i go off writting the Indian Poetry
With a large population, bohot log he shetkari

Namaste is usually our way to greet
Sunny Deol ki hit picture thi "Jeet"

Where the government works slower than a cow chewing food
Sach ka samna mein nahi keh sakta koi pata Jhoot

Actors here are appreciated for their looks and not their work
Faujiyo ki maut se kise pada he faraq

Amitabh and SRK are seen in almost every ad
Asli khabar hamesha hoti he break ke baad

Munna Bhai reminded us that what we need is Gandhigiri
Dominos Pizza..Thirty minutes nahi toh free

From Mallika, Bipasha to the Serial Kisser
Ghoos khane mein nahi reh jati koi kasar

Where there are more pot holes on the road then cars
Jyada kha liya toh aati he dakaar (aaarrrrhh)

This is a country where cricket is a religion
Aur konse desh me he rainy season?

All Indain like to see Sachin bat
Aur Mithunda bola, "Kya baat, kya baat, kya baat"

The Ministers here have the worst english ever
Har Serial mein pehenti he ladkiya keemti jevar (jewellary)

The Police are very fit except for their pregnant like tummy
Kaaran (reason) janane k liye dekhe CID only on Sony

Chinese pug was made famous by Vodafone
Zoozoo, kaha se aye aur hain kaun?

Whatever it is you should be proud of the country you live in
Shayad isilye kehte he "Jai Hind"


  1. very funny.....it is actually ameindian..... :P

  2. hmm Ameindian...good 1...you have learnt a lot after meeting me :P