Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One more of my poetries

When i was a teen, i fell in love with an angel and thought she was my Queen
I would never hurt her, i would never make her cry
I would always make her laugh and would always keep her eyes dry

i got her many roses and gifts but she never liked,
she was waiting for something special, i could never strike !!

one day she sat beside me looking deep into my eyes,
i tried reading her but couldn't beat her vibes.

her feelings so strong and sensible, her actions so wise and flexible.
she was saying something though i was not amiable.

she waited many moments and i never knew,
i was crazy for her but kept my heart beats due.
i wanted to react-talk but all she needed was touch and an arm-lock

i was fool to let her go unsolved,
her questions were many, in it was she dissolved.........

i lay on my back staring the ceiling, it is still the lame but her pictures keep rolling,
her eyes, her breath, her smell, her feelings,
All her unanswered unspoken calls keep me tearing.

All i was the king, when she was my queen,
My love is sick and frighten at halts which has never ever been.

I miss her glance, her calling my name,
I miss her eyes on me and those silly games.

Its been a while since i have seen her face
gtg now, have to tie my shoe lace :P

(there is a flow to this poem...i want your comments on this..the end is wht i am today..hope you get it)


  1. hey it's fab i simplied like ur poems n glad to read them n glad u made ur own blog.....all the best to u.....it's mindblowing.....lucky girl who ever she was to whom u have written ur this poem......flow is good like imagining any movie.

  2. buddy who's has share in it?.....esse akele akele compliment nahi keneka....:P...nyways i hav always likd ur ideology n rhyming.....

  3. I would like to take this time out to thank Shambhavi Kirawant to have helped me in writting this poetry..

  4. @hema..thanx..read the new story i have written :)

  5. superb poem dude...
    i dont know u...
    just came thru ur blog...
    liked dis one...a lot..
    it got m a picture in front of my eyes...

    but 1 question:
    why did u let her go away???

  6. @!tejas..thanx man..well its a long story..all i can say is it was mutual..

  7. hmm...i write poems too..u can check them out.. http://tejaskudtarkar.blogspot.com/