Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My 1st ever poetry

Not so long age, about 6 months or so
I loved a girl a very beautiful girl
Her love towards me was incomparable
To live up to her expectations i was not able
though the next month we parted ways
There has not been a single day that i didnt want to see her face
deep down inside i think i was missed by her
although i was selfish, although i was not matured
LOVE i had always given her that is one thing for sure
I still love her, i still miss her
There are a lot of things that i have changed
But there is this perception that she has made
it will be tough for for that to fade
it was she who decided we should split
It was me who didnt want to quit
but i finally went ahead with her decision
seeing her happy was my top precision
I ask you god, why do this
why make people and give them glass heart
when it breaks the whole body aches
its like its the world greatest mistake
Sometimes i sit and look at her pics
hope she knows that she is being missed
all said and done i still pray to YOU (GOD)
keep her happy,keep her safe and true
thats all i want from you(GOD)


  1. hey Vishy.. thts so sweet man.. really touching.. hope the 1 for whom u've written reads it soon :)

    Keep it up !!

  2. wow its beautiful......may all ur wishes be fullfilled by GOD

  3. tats really nice vishvesh,,,,but i feel she wud hav loved u double if smthing was dedicated to her in her presence,,,,,anyways... hope u get all wat u deserve in ur life......keep it up :)

  4. This is Amazing Dude.........

    Keep the Great Work Going..You miss her a lot...

    God Bless You..


    Nilesh aKa Djkruz

  5. damn gud.....whoever tht lucky gal is.........hopw she reads this n realise whts shez missing.....tht was too gud :-)